Monday, September 22, 2014

Quick Updates! Kind Of Sad News....

Over the weekend, my YouTube bestie Nicholas, who is aka welfare checks and whose screen name is LEGOSpongebob3816, ended his Lego SpongeBob series. I kinda feel bad that he did it, because i would have given him his own show called "The Nick Tobias Show" and it would have starred his family. :P. His Lego SpongeBob videos will be dearly missed. Thank You.  

Friday, September 19, 2014

I Think Someone Made A Shtinky! (Or, Sticky Post Time)

New posts-when I have time to update-are below. What to do when summer ends?  Well, how about doing something for the military? How about making a donation to which helps me raise funds for my films? how about signing! consider talking about Dayviideo and how i signed a petition with his name. join me!! on Facebook, i am on Ivan may. my picture is of me at a school event in 2013. i am 13 years old. i have autism and wear glasses. if you are interested in signing any of these petitions, leave a comment.  

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Happy Holidays from Nancy Pelosi

Merry Christmas Happy Holidays from Nancy Pelosi  by Ivan May at

I got my Christmas  Holiday card from speakeress of the house nanny big man hands Pelosi!

Ali Lohan spotted at gay bar

Ali Lohan was spotted at a gay bar in west Hollywood California, with tinky winky. she is the sister of actress Lindsay Lohan. the two were at a gay bar in west Hollywood California. the gay bar's name is not being disclosed. police say Lohan went to the bar with Daeg Faerch, but other sources say no.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Ryan James?

i was online a couple years ago at 1 am looking around for actors as i am in the acting business. i came across this site, featuring such actors as colton parsons. i came across an actor  named Ryan James. "Ryan back to Beene!" the news said. the site hadn't been updated for about 6-7 years, and showed that Ryan was on  a TV show on the fox network called Oliver Beene in the recurring role of young Jerry! the site said that he was a Mae l. Wien recipient, a hip-hop and tap dancer, and a swimmer on the dive board. he was also on  the Bernie mac show. I also found out that his mom's name is Peggy James. his sister's name is Erica,  he has a best friend Micaela, he resides in Ventura county, California, he has 2 nieces, their names are Sara and Sage, and a nephew, Sean. i have tried to get in touch with ryan, but not even one website. if someone could let me know, please let me know.