Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Ryan James?

i was online a couple years ago at 1 am looking around for actors as i am in the acting business. i came across this site, featuring such actors as colton parsons. i came across an actor  named Ryan James. "Ryan back to Beene!" the news said. the site hadn't been updated for about 6-7 years, and showed that Ryan was on  a TV show on the fox network called Oliver Beene in the recurring role of young Jerry! the site said that he was a Mae l. Wien recipient, a hip-hop and tap dancer, and a swimmer on the dive board. he was also on  the Bernie mac show. I also found out that his mom's name is Peggy James. his sister's name is Erica,  he has a best friend Micaela, he resides in Ventura county, California, he has 2 nieces, their names are Sara and Sage, and a nephew, Sean. i have tried to get in touch with ryan, but not even one website. if someone could let me know, please let me know.    

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